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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Internet Presence Acheived. Next Please. Phase 1

With what I consider a successful Internet marketing attempt completed, I search for new routes to gain potential customers for my computer repair start up here in North Mississippi. I have spent endless nights over the last two weeks submitting my website in various directories, tweaking html and keywords, and researching every known SEO strategy, apart from paid avenues, that I have been able to dig up. As of now, my Google page rank is at one, but is projected to rise to a three during the upcoming Google ranking update. I have purposely avoided any paid marketing campaigns or services, first because I love learning, but also to prove that one may successfully achieve solo SEO success. As I have stated in a previous post how difficult it has been here in Oxford, Mississippi to attract customers solely by search engines. With this being said, it is time to explore alternative methods to increase customer calls.

I  bounced an idea off from a friend who has been in the sales business for over 20 years. I suggested that I visit the local university campus and survey students on where they would look to take their computers if needing repair. He agreed with me that it was worth a shot. I will additionally use this tool with not only students but everyone I come in contact with throughout the community. I will report back in about a week to update my findings.

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