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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is Here!

Offering Oxford, MS an affordable solution to computer problems and technical solutions. We offer free diagnosis and estimates, college student discounts, fast turn around on repairs, appointments for personalized and quick service, guaranteed work, extended hours including weekends to assist students with their busy schedules, and very reasonable prices to make repairs for students possible.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Next is mass location advertisements

Not blacklisted on Google. Website not perfect but established. Now venturing into communities for marketing purposes.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Internet Presence Acheived. Next Please. Phase 1

With what I consider a successful Internet marketing attempt completed, I search for new routes to gain potential customers for my computer repair start up here in North Mississippi. I have spent endless nights over the last two weeks submitting my website in various directories, tweaking html and keywords, and researching every known SEO strategy, apart from paid avenues, that I have been able to dig up. As of now, my Google page rank is at one, but is projected to rise to a three during the upcoming Google ranking update. I have purposely avoided any paid marketing campaigns or services, first because I love learning, but also to prove that one may successfully achieve solo SEO success. As I have stated in a previous post how difficult it has been here in Oxford, Mississippi to attract customers solely by search engines. With this being said, it is time to explore alternative methods to increase customer calls.

I  bounced an idea off from a friend who has been in the sales business for over 20 years. I suggested that I visit the local university campus and survey students on where they would look to take their computers if needing repair. He agreed with me that it was worth a shot. I will additionally use this tool with not only students but everyone I come in contact with throughout the community. I will report back in about a week to update my findings.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Still using Yellow Pages

Well we have been settled in Oxford, MS for nearly 3 months now, but it seems like an eternity. Trying to get a small start up off the ground in this community is proving to be a challenge to say the least. I thought the knowledge of marketing in the big city could at least scratch up some results here in cotton country. In Dallas, I managed a successful commercial air conditioning company. I transitioned the established company into the modern age of technology, both in operations and marketing. The skills that I acquired after four years in big D ....I brought with me to Mississippi with the hopes of starting a small sized computer repair business. Before Oxford we were in Hernando, which is a town about 60 miles north of Oxford. I played around in my spare time, creating a couple of websites for local businesses. Boy was it hard trying to sell the concept of a company website and internet marketing. I was trying to sell the idea to individuals who had a hard copy of the yellow pages in every vehicle that they owned. Well it paid off for both the companies and myself. Sales calls increased but not like I had expected.
We moved to Oxford in August. I had decided that I would try my best to break into the computer repair market. I offered very low prices due to the fact that I was operating out of my home office. Ole Miss is located here in town and therefore I reasoned that every student had a computer. After searching for local companies I was shocked to find at least 9 computer repair businesses. I asked myself how I could break into the market. I decided to try to get my website listed above the other companies on the major search engines. After an entire month of tedious work, often annoying my fiance at the hours I worked overnight, I managed to surpass the majority of the companies for the search criteria that I thought would bring business. On Google I was listed about 4 spots down on the front page. The same for Bing and Yahoo. I taught myself  HTML and SEO methods, how to use social media, and bookmarks to increase search results.
But now it has been about one week since my magic was applied and the only calls I am getting is from vendors and advertisers  What The f^%*! Was my assumption that even though this is still kids here should be somewhat techie  Well the only thing I can do is find other avenues of advertising. I have decided to infiltrate the college scene and see what pearls I can find. To be continued....